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Aluminum Composite Panel

Our composite panel products are the first native and leader ones in the industry thanks to its various design & color options, highest quality standards, durability, easy processability, smooth finishing, lightness and wide range of products

Fire classification


Color options


• It provides an elegant appearance due to its aesthetic and even surfaced structure.

• It is easy to use. It is possible to form the sheet according to desires and acquire the sheets in the desired dimensions.

• It can be supplied in various dimensions and colors.

• It is durable. It is a robust, light and rigid material.

• It is protective. It protects the surface it covers thanks to its resistance to the climatic conditions.

• It has a low coefficient of heat and noise transfer.

• It is economical. Provides full protection for a low price.

• It helps your creativity with its ease of forming, various color alternatives and durability.

• Gives the best results in application.


Our aluminum composite panel products; can be produced in every color depending on the order amount. The Naturalbond brand offers a wide range of options, including solid colors, metallic colors, wood colors, brush colors and prestige colors.

All products are tested by quality engineers at the state-of-the-art laboratories, and presented to clients in accordance with international quality standards. With a wide range of products, Naturalbond provides its clients significant benefits that include all aesthetic, physical and mechanical properties in world standards for interior and exterior building facades having up to 20 years guarantee depending on its paint type, thickness and design type.


With a wide range of different dimensions and colors; conventional, low-intensity Aluminum composite panels with polyethylene filling, and fire-resistant Aluminum composite panels with Aluminum hydroxide filling are produced in the facility which is equipped by advanced technology. Our composite panels are produced is in the highest international construction sector requirements in accordance with TS EN 13501 standard, by using high quality PVDF painted Aluminum coil and LDPE resin, AI(OH)3 Aluminum hydroxide and mineral filling raw materials that are used in B2, B1, A2 classified products.

Composite panel projects

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